OKS Airspray System – Reduce costs and protect the environment

Compressed-air-driven spray solution for OKS products such as lubricants, cleaning agents and maintenance products.

OKS Airspray System – the refillable spray can

The Airspray System is the practical, inexpensive and furthermore ecological spray system solution for applying chemotechnical products for maintenance and servicing. Wherever compressed-air devices are available, such as in automobile and other workshops, but also in industry and in machine or engine maintenance, the OKS Airspray System helps to avoid waste and reduce costs.

How it works!

The pressure spray system consists of the Airspray can and a unit for filling the can with the product and compressed air. The air serves as a harmless propellant gas. OKS products such as oils, cleaning and parting agents can be processed by using corresponding valves and spray heads.

Avoiding waste - reducing costs

The OKS Airspray System prevents waste and reduces costs. Disposal costs, which arise when spray cans are used, are reduced. A small investment in environmental protection that pays off rapidly.

Robust and safe

The indestructible Airspray can was designed specially for harsh everyday use in workshop and plant. A product label is included with each spray set so that the can contents can be identified clearly.

Proven and inexpensive

Whether in the workshop or in industrial maintenance. For more than 10 years the Airspray System has proven itself as the trouble-free and inexpensive alternative to the spray can.

The OKS Airspray System may only be used for the following products:

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