Achieving Sustainability with OKS 2650 : Biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner for use in Wind Energy

Sustainability at OKS
Achieving Sustainability with OKS 2650

Operation and maintenance teams at wind energy site locations need a multi-purpose cleaner during maintenance season for multiple applications like cleaning bearings, nacelle floor, blades, etc. They generally use commonly available cleaning chemicals like diesel and solvent based cleaners. However, using diesel and other solvent based cleaning chemicals come at a cost – they are harmful for the environment, carcinogenic to the technicians using the chemicals by contact to skin and by emitting fumes which are inhaled by technicians.

OKS 2650 being a water based biodegradable cleaner is the perfect solution for these applications. It is water based so harmless to the environment. It is also completely neutral for the persons using it. Further, it also has the versatility to be diluted with water to a ratio of 1:10 depending on the severity of cleaning required, thereby also restricting consumption to optimal levels.

Prominent Wind Turbine OEM’s have taken a big step towards sustainability by successfully replacing solvents and diesel at their site locations with OKS 2650, benefiting both – the environment as well as their technicians. The same has also been adopted by independent service providers in wind sector who have now reduced their footprint.