Advantages for Glass and foundry industry

Advantages for Glass and foundry industry

  • Lubricant solutions which satisfy the sector's special requirements
  • Significantly heat-resistant with optimum seal properties
  • Smooth production process thanks to minimal residue formation
  • Reduction in overall lubricant consumption thanks to longer relubrication intervals
  • Optimised maintenance products for servicing

Glass and foundry industry Industry

OKS speciality lubricants are highly heat-resistant, exhibit optimum sealing properties and protect system parts against wear. They are thus eminently suitable for foundries and the glass industry, where molten materials are processed under high pressure and extreme temperatures.

Smooth processes in foundries and the glass industry

Lubricants such as oils and greases play a key role for smooth production in foundries and the glass industry. One great challenge these applications pose are the high temperatures used to process an extensive range of materials. Any lubricant solutions used must be able to withstand extreme heat. Even minimal residues in machines can affect the production process significantly. Machines which feature hundreds of friction points are frequently used to manufacture mass-produced goods such as beverage bottles. OKS speciality lubricants are highly suitable for such machines. They protect system parts against wear, provide an excellent seal effect and extend relubrication intervals, reducing consumption of lubricants considerably. OKS offers its customers a wide range of speciality lubricant products which are eminently suitable for food-safe glass production.

Suitable lubricants for every component

OKS supplies highly suitable speciality lubrication solutions for all components in foundries and glass production systems. In die casting foundries, for example, appropriate piston lubrication ensures a smooth process during which molten metal discharge is prevented despite extremely high pressure while also saving energy. Mechanical malfunctions can thus be avoided in advance and systems become even more productive.

Optimised maintenance products for servicing

OKS assists in servicing production plants with its numerous maintenance products. These include silicone sprays, multi-foam cleaners or a leak detector.  Other OKS cleaning sprays even remove stubborn stains such as sealant, paint and adhesive residues, and bitumen or tar splatter. Besides industry, areas of use also include trades and commercial enterprises.