Advantages for Municipal services

Advantages for Municipal services

  • Efficient servicing and maintenance thanks to the use of optimised speciality lubricants
  • Increase in service life for machines and equipment
  • Ageing and oxidation stability protects against wear
  • Reduction in costs and downtimes
  • Comprehensive quality assurance as per ISO 9001

Municipal services Industry

OKS supplies a wide range of speciality lubricants for use in municipal services equipment. These lubricants are extremely long-lasting and protect against wear, allowing vehicles and machines to operate reliably, even after longer periods of non-use.

Lubricants for municipal services

Cities, municipalities and local authorities require a large vehicle fleet and an extensive pool of machines and equipment to maintain, preserve and care for all public facilities and buildings. Equipment such as snow ploughs, mowing machines, sweepers and wheel loaders must be ready for use in services such as spring cleaning, summer hedge and lawn cutting or winter gritting and snow clearing at all times. However, many machines and vehicles are only operated on a seasonal basis, but need to be available for operation at any time despite long periods of non-use. Correct servicing and maintenance are essential to ensure that machines, vehicles and other equipment function reliably even after extended downtimes. The use of optimised speciality lubricants plays a decisive role in ensuring a long service life. OKS offers a wide range of special lubricants and maintenance products which comply with strict requirements for endurance and reliability in municipal machines.

Universal speciality lubricants which protect against wear

OKS offers oils and greases which are resistant to ageing and oxidation while also protecting against wear thanks to an excellent seal effect. This ensures that vehicles and equipment are available for long periods of use while costs and downtimes are reduced due to repairs. Multipurpose high-performance greases are suitable for application to municipal vehicle fleets and machine and equipment pools, because they are universal in their use. Special silicone greases ensure reliable lubrication for bearings used in pumps and fans while also delivering high heat resistance.

High standards in development and production

OKS is highly familiar with the special challenges that municipal services present. Equipment must be readily available for use at all times. That's why OKS has developed special pastes to ensure easy assembly and dismantling. These pastes provide reliable lubrication, isolation and corrosion protection, even under extreme temperature and mechanical stress conditions. Pastes are used in screw fastenings and to press in bolts, gear wheels, articulated joints or friction bearings. The high standards in development and production are substantiated by comprehensive quality assurance as per ISO 9001.