Advantages for Plant and machine (tool) engineering

Advantages for Plant and machine (tool) engineering

  • Wide product range and solutions from a single supplier
  • Lubricant solutions which meet the exact requirements for each system
  • System and machine performance improves significantly
  • Eminently suitable solutions ensure a competitive advantage
  • Ongoing, application-specific product development
  • All OKS products meet ISO 9001 quality standards

Plant and machine (tool) engineering Industry

Choosing the right lubricant can significantly enhance processes in plant and mechanical engineering. OKS speciality lubricants not only improve operational processes and help increase productivity, but also meet ISO 9001 quality standards.

Optimum lubricant solutions for plant and mechanical engineering

Plant and mechanical engineering is regarded as one of the strongest sectors in the German economy. OKS offers its customers in this branch of industry a wide range of lubricant solutions which meet stringent quality standards and ensure smooth operation of plants and machines. Standards are high: machines, devices and systems need to function reliably over a long service life while also meeting strict safety and hygiene regulations. Product safety legislation for technical equipment and consumer items apply to all manufacturers in this respect. All OKS products fully comply with such requirements.

Wide product range and solutions from a single supplier

When manufacturers have the optimum lubricant solution precisely matching their system's requirements, they can improve performance from their plants and machines immeasurably, thus securing themselves a decisive competitive advantage. The OKS portfolio of speciality lubricants, technochemical maintenance products and a wide service range cover most tribological applications in plant and mechanical engineering. Decisive advantage: Customers receive all lubricant solutions from a single supplier.

Ongoing, application-specific product development

OKS also offers its customers optimum quality standards. Experienced employees in development and production subject all lubricant solutions to extensive tests and assurance analyses as per ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is regarded as the most important standard in quality management, recognised the world over. OKS experts develop new products in ultramodern laboratories on an ongoing basis, thus optimising the existing range. These products include speciality lubricants for industrial applications such as pastes, oils, bonded coatings, dry lubricants, cleaners and maintenance products.